Who should attend?
Children from the age of 8 to 12 years old who are interested in improving their English skills through public speaking, drama, group works/discussions and presentations.

Learning Objectives
Children will have the opportunity to discover their talents, interest, passion and explore multi-dimensional learning styles.

Couse Modules
A 2 day programme designed for children.

Day 1
Mask Making
Poem & Prose Reading
Engaging in dialogue
Intonation & Elocution
Multiple Intelligence – Running Dictation, Charades
Pop Quiz

Day 2
Setting the Momentum
How to Front load Your Message
Different Angles To Attention Grabbers
Quick Repartees
Anecdotal Accounts
Keep The Plot Simple
The Power of Three
End With A Bang
Platform Presence
Handle Heckling
Seamless Presentation
Preparation for Showcase
Parents Showcase + Dinner

Course Instructors

Andal Krishnan
Sandra Anne Ghouse