Accounting & Business Management (ABM)

ABM stands for Accounting & Business Management. It is a product which combines book-keeping services with the added edge of consultancy for business management.

Who needs it?

Why choose 3E?

We have an experienced team that can generate your business accounts according to the frequency that you prefer, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. We will help you interpret your financials with a view to grow and nurture your business. All this for a reasonable price that meets your budget.

How does ABM work?

Our starting point is meeting our client’s immediate needs, which are expressed during an initial consultation. These needs could be basic bookkeeping needs, and in some cases, it could be a request to help with the management aspect as well.

Can you guarantee results?

3E perceives results as engagement, enhancement and empowerment. This is our goal for every client. We have consistently worked with clients, keeping this goal constantly in front of us, and results are seen, felt and appreciated in every situation.

Who has ABM helped?

We have a few success stories that you can peruse in Appendix A

How much does ABM cost?

Each client’s needs are unique. When costing our work, we explain in as much detail as possible, the work involved, and charge accordingly. We ensure that our charges are reasonable and keep everything transparent

Will fee vary?

Fees only vary when there are changes in the original scope of work agreed upon.

What is the duration?

Again, this depends on the client. Most times our services involve a monthly cycle, especially where book-keeping is concerned. In terms of business management, the duration could easily be as short as 1 year old or could grow into a long term and consistent service. The key is understanding the client's needs.

Who provides ABM services?

We have a dedicated team of accounting and trading personnel to handle our ABM clients. Do check out our team profiles.


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