Jenny Lim

Jenny is an adventurous individual, always seeking new things to explore and travel. She has over 2 years of experience working as Secretary cum HR Executive in an oil & gas company. Currently she is 3E’s Recruitment agent, helping to secure jobs for clients and securing the right people for businesses seeking employees. A principle that she uses in her work and in her personal life is that People are not your most important asset, the right people are.

Kiesha Venga

Kiesha is 3E's Special Projects Executive for NGOs and CSR work. She plans to pursue a career in marine biology, and has joined 3E to better understand the work of NGOs. Her ability to grasp project requirements and apply skills in language and copywriting have translated into impressive results. She is a cheerful team player that strives to always have passion for what she does and learn from every experience.

Yunishaa Loga

Yunishaa is currently completing her Financial Accounting course under ACCA in Methodist College Kuala Lumpur, while also leading people and operations for MYER Movement, an independent youth led NGO. 

She currently manages our company's LinkedIn as well as TikTok account on a part time basis. This role includes posting, connecting with potential leads and essentially increasing engagement for the company. 

A quote she applies in her work life and personal life as well has to be "everything happens for a reason". Sometimes things don't turn out as we plan it, but the situation always eventually turns itself around for the better. 

Reenosha Krishnasamy

I have been carrying on with this life in hopes of trying to make sense of it all. Music, art, literature and Film Photography. In these things is where I have learnt to find some sort of solace and my wish is to be able to share this love of mine with people through this field and platform of communication that I have been very happy to be a part of. This birth cycle has given me a lot more than I have stopped to be thankful for and I think with these 3 things, I have learned to freeze time.

To root myself into the moment and appreciate all the beauty that I have been blessed with. All the senses I have been given to be able to experience this ethereal everlasting beauty and translate it into art forms of many. 3E has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizon of people skills and conveying messages through copywriting. I am grateful and blessed to be working with such strong empowering women from all walks of life.


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