Sandra Anne Ghouse

"Everyone has potential… one just needs to have passion in what they’re good at, learn continuously and live life to their fullest"

Leading the team is Sandra Anne Ghouse, Founder & Managing Director of 3E Training & Education. Possessing more than 28 years as a Corporate Soft Skill Trainer, Sandra specializes today in Engagement, Enhancement and Empowerment programs where she helps employees, entrepreneurs and marginalized people (including refugees) increase results and productivity.

As a certified HRDF Trainer and having trained throughout Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore, she has successfully designed many developmental programs for all levels. Sandra has trained, coached and mentored thousands to improve and grow in many areas.

Sandra occupies her free time being involved in various NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisation) and charities, believing strongly that with training and education, especially in the area of Self Management (managing your Time, Intellect, Money & Emotions) & Right Mental Attitude, livelihoods can be empowered and improved for the marginalised too.

She is currently the IT chair for NAWEM (National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia), a member of the Training and Publication Sub-Committees and Board Member for NAWEM Kooperasi.

Sandra also designed and managed the UNHCR-NAWEM Micro Entrepreneurship Development Program for refugees in Malaysia over the last 3 years, which has helped 5 batches of refugees build sustainable livelihoods. Having been singled out from the 1st batch of Malaysian Empretecos to be trained as a National trainer for UNCTAD (United Nations Conference of Trade and Development) EMPRETEC (Entrepreneurship Competencies) programme, Sandra aspires to be an International Master Trainer helping many worldwide enhance their abilities and lead a successful and better quality of lives.

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