Leadership Skills for Managers and Executives

  • To Distinguish The Difference Between Leading and Managing, and Know When Each is Necessary
  • To Understand What It Takes To Be A Top Performing Leader and How To Become One
  • To Align Priorities With Organisation’s Mission
  • How to Deal with Factors That Have an Impact on Team Climate, Individual Motivation and Organisational Performance

Learning Outcome

Essential Characteristics of Successful Leaders

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Leadership Can and Must Be Learned
  • Qualities of Top Performing Leaders

Leader’s Roles and Responsibilities – What Leaders Do

  • Importance of Effective Leaders
  • Creating A Guiding Vision
  • Communicating the Vision
  • Creating the Environment for the Vision

Can You Learn To Lead? - Factors Affecting Leadership Ability

  • The Ability To Process Knowledge to Make Right Decisions
  • Building Trusting Relationships for Staff Motivation and Commitment
  • Using Power Appropriately – Knowing When to Command and When to Delegate
  • Building Up Confidence

Developing A Winning Culture

  • Motivating Today’s Workforce
  • Building Commitment and Trust
  • Creating Empowered Employee for the Future
  • Creating a Climate of Excellence

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