Management Development Programme

Objective: To expose to the participants how a manager should act, behave and work with their subordinates. The program will give an overview and share tips on how they should lead their teams to achieving higher success.

Learning Outcome

Are you a Manager or a Leader?

  • Why emphasise on behaviour
  • The attributes of good leadership behaviour
  • What is good management

Improving Your People Skills

  • The advantages of improving people’s skills
  • What are the fundamental people skills
  • Are there alternative people skills

Steps To Decision Making

  • Decision making : The universal dilemma
  • Why is decision making so difficult?
  • The difference between decision making and problem solving
  • Steps to effective decision making

The Secret of Successful Delegation

  • Understanding the management of delegation
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Why are managers reluctant to delegate?
  • Rules and principles of delegation

Ingredients to have a Right Mental Attitude

  • The role the brain plays on your daily productivity
  • Ingredients to a right mental attitude
  • How are attitudes developed? What is “Mental Set”?

Communication & Listening Skills

  • Why do we communicate?
  • Traps to effective communication
  • How to communicate effectively at work?
  • Frequent mistakes made whilst communicating

Stress Management

  • What causes work stress?
  • Methods to battle stress
  • The practical approach to managing stress

Fatal Errors Managers Make and How to Avoid Them

  • Why managers fail?
  • Foundation for successful management
  • Pre-requisites for business success
  • The errors that managers should avoid

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