Personal Management Program for Salespeople

This training aims to focus on the salespeople’s personal productivity and also to improve and enhance their selling skills. By the end of the day, your group of salespeople should be able to plan their own activities, manage customers, learn the steps in sales call and have the right kind of attitude.  Emphasis of the program is to show them an overview of the key to a sales person success and practical and proven methods of the above areas.

Learning Outcome

Why people Buy?

  • No selling without buying
  • People are different
  • Traditional Approach
  • The Self Concept Theory


  • Importance of your Personality
  • What personal Characteristic do Good Salespeople have
  • Developing Yourself
  • Time and You
  • Goal Setting


  • Qualifying Prospects
  • Some Common Prospecting Systems
  • Determining of Prospecting Systems

Pre- Approach

  • Objective of Pre-Approach
  • Extent of Pre-Approach
  • “Sizing up” the Prospect

The Approach

  • Objective & Importance of Approach
  • Gaining the Interview
  • Methods of the Approach
  • Other Essentials of Good Approach

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