Power Leadership for Senior Management Team

To enhance the knowledge of the senior management team in the following key areas, in order to be able to cater to the increasing momentum of the group: -

  1. Strategic and Forward Thinking
  2. Managerial Skills
  3. People Management

Learning Outcome

Are you a Leader or a Manager?

Objective: To give the participants a better idea on what Leadership is all about and how should they lead their respective teams.

  • Why emphasise on behaviour
  • Alternative people skills
  • The attributes of good leadership behaviour
  • 3 important skills to perform as a leader
  • Performance Values Matrix
  • Good management vs. Good leadership

How to translate visions to results

Objective: To help the participants understand how to translate a company’s vision to strategic plans in order to obtain results. It will also help them realise what is required as they implement “Focus Management”

  • The importance of Goals and Values
  • 5 principles for company’s action
  • How Time and Resources play a role
  • The Art of Co-ordination

The need for anticipation, innovation and excellence

Objective: To make the participants realise why these 3 factors are crucial for future development and how can they implement it in their job.

  • The actual definition of the 3 factors
  • 5 components to Strategic Exploration
  • Defining an action plan for your job
  • The “Paradigm” and how it differs for managers and leaders

Thinking for opportunities

Objective: To educate the participants on the process of thinking and to make them aware of the common mistakes people make when thinking for opportunities.

  • People, Attitudes and Opportunities
  • 3 types of problems: How to handle each one
  • The thinking required to identify opportunities
  • The Opportunity Audit and the Role of the Team

The use of creativity to solve problems

Objective: To create awareness and equip the participants with the skill on how to solve problems using creative thinking.

  • 5 Components to strategic exploration
  • The need for creativity
  • Finding the root cause of the problems
  • Solving the problem and not patching the symptom

The fatal errors managers make and how to avoid them

Objective: This seminar will highlight errors which most managers’ make when dealing with their staff, colleagues and peers. It offers practical tips on how to avoid these errors.

  • The Role of Managers Today
  • Foundation for Successful Management
  • The 13 fatal errors and how managers can avoid them
  • 5 Prerequisites for Business Success

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