Towards Growth and Development Program for Managers

In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, managers must effectively juggle many priorities, efficiently complete large vol­umes of work, and be increasingly responsive to get the job done, keep costs low, and produce quality products. A manager's ability to work efficiently directly affects the attainment of these goals, regardless of his or her level in the organization.

To remain competitive, organizations are abandoning the traditional hierarchical command-and-control management style in favour of establishing a work environment that advocates employee empowerment at all levels.

Learning Outcome

  1. Improving Managerial Performance Include:
  • An accurate assessment of current strengths and weaknesses
  • A written development plan focusing on increasing strengths and improving weak areas or skills
  • Specific behavioural goals
  • A plan tailored to your learning style
  • Ongoing feedback on progress
  • Recognition of improvement (Which will be carried out at the end of 90 days)

  1. Knowing Your Role

  2. To Understand & Display Organization Savvy
  • In an organizational context, the term savvy means understanding the structure, politics, and personalities involved in the organization and being able to exercise this knowledge in practical and productive ways.
  • Included in this repertoire of "savvy skills" are the abilities to:
    • Understand the agendas and perspectives of others to establish mutually beneficial objectives.
    • Recognize which battles are worth fighting and when it is time to compromise.
    • Effectively balance personal needs — and those of one's group — with the needs of the broader organization.
    • Develop effective give-and-take relationships with key individuals in the organization, both vertically and laterally.
    • Be seen as committed to the organization and the people in it, rather than out for oneself.

  1. Management’s Expectations

These comes in three forms

    • Being crystal – clear on their task and their KPI’s
    • Being clear how their performance will be measured

    • The need to exercise initiative & authority to carry out their work

    • The key to their successful growth - is their own sense of personal responsibility for their development.
    • You are responsible for planning and managing your own development progress.
    • You are in the best position to look after your own interests and to ensure that you both address your development needs and leverage your strengths.

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