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The Be The Best program is designed to help you reflect on and achieve your life goals. Like any training program, it only is successful if you keep working on it. Tony Pereira has assembled a great group of partners to help him deliver this program. 

In the coming months, there will be new programs that will be helpful for those who want to have a fulfilling career. 

If you’re wondering if Be The Best would be the program for you, ask yourself these important questions

How would you like to optimise your mind and achieve an ideal balance in all aspects of your life? How would you like to fulfil your goals and dreams whilst still enjoying every day, work and play?

It might sound like a fantasy but here’s a shot at turning it into reality! 

Be The Best aims to help you maximise your potential, and teach you all the tips and tricks to mastering your own life so you can BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Our Previous Session

The session took place online via Zoom from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, 19th February 2022 (Malaysian time)

Our expert speakers guided us through staying healthy, securing the future, increasing productivity and much more.

To keep an eye out for those do check out their website!


Our Host - Tony Pereira - Chartered Accountant, Business Management Director

Our list of speakers included
Dr Hishamuddin Badaruddin- Medical Doctor, Public Health Specialist

Raymond Wong- Wealth Planning Expert, Chartered Accountant, Professional Estate Practitioner

Tsamara Fahrana- Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Short Clips from our previous session

Be The Best Program - How to write your Purpose Statement with Tony Pereira

Be The Best Program - How to Meditate Mindfully with Tsamara Fahrana
Be The Best Program - How to Allocate your Assets with Raymond Wong

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