Dr Time

What is Dr Time?

Dr Time is a program that helps individuals gain and increase results Via



In this program we aim to instill in every person:

  • To develop a systematic and practical approach of managing their activities to achieve results.
  • To integrate long term objectives and establish priorities 
  • Reinforce management skills, delegation, leadership and project management
  • To remove self-imposed barriers and limitations, empowering them to motivate themselves and others
  • To develop winning strategies towards achieving organization and personal goals 

We provide tools & training to help individuals & companies succeed in the  following areas : 

  • Goal setting & Implementation to achieve these goals - Result oriented
  • Common planning & communication tool - Organized
  • Establish common productive behavior & habits - Healthy culture
  • Manage your key areas, information, ideas – Productive

Who needs it?

Anyone who needs guidance and help with organizing and  managing their time

Why choose 3E?

We have an experienced local  team that will help you organise yourself and manage your time to ensure productivity

Can you guarantee results?

3E is well known for its creative and direct training processes. 3E does not stop its training once you leave the training hall like the rest of the training companies, we conduct follow up trainings with our clients to further ensure they are well educated and experienced

How does it work?

The participants will experience the following:

How do I know if this program is suitable for me?

If you value the following, then this program is definitely for you:-

  • You want to increase your understanding of time and efficiency.
  • You want to improve results via time and self management, productivity and result management
  • You desire to invest and spend your time to the fullest potential
  • You aspire for change within and start achieving more results

How much does it cost?

RM1,200 per person only

What are the payment terms?

Before the program starts, the participants are required to make the full payment

What do participants say about this programme?

  • Before I attended this program, I was extremely disorganised, couldn't finish my task at hand on time, but now I know how to manage my time better.

  • I now apply whatever I've learnt in this program in my company to maximise our productivity and efficiency.

Who has this program helped?

Clerks, executives, managers, senior managers, sales people, supervisors, secretaries

Reaching Us

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