The Art of Managing Difficult People

Program Objective

To pass on to the participant’s concrete knowledge, facts and opinions, which will allow them to understand and deal with the difficult people they are faced with, better. This will be achieved by understanding how communication plays an important role and anticipating how the difficult person would react and behave whilst staying focused on how to achieve the desired results and goals.

Learning Outcome

Who are these difficult people?

Understand the reason why people are difficult and strategies for handling each type.

  • Defining the 20 kinds of difficult people
  • Strategies for getting results with the hard to handle people in your life
  • Potential problems and how to deal with them
  • How to deal with “Yes” and “No” people

The Role of Communication

Focus is on communication and behaviour in order to ensure that the participants understand why others perceive things differently, thus setting up a model for positive communication, group ethics and norms.

  • The importance of effective communication
  • The art of listening more effectively
  • 6 rules for effective persuasion
  • How to speak effectively
  • When should you use aggression and passion

Putting your management skills to task

To apply various management techniques and styles to convert negative to positive results.

  • Drawing the line between line and staff
  • 21 rules for managing people
  • How successful managers handle 4 different types of professionals

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