Digital Marketing Empowerment Programme

In the recent turn of events with the global pandemic, a lot of industries have been forced to move online. We would not have made it this far and survived the pandemic if it wasn’t for the very existence of the internet which allowed remote working as well as remote operation and processes of businesses. The ideal examples would be Foodpanda and Happyfresh which has made it possible for us to stay home and get resources without ever having to leave our homes.  With major businesses moving into the online market, Online Sales and Online Marketing has become an essential for businesses to generate revenue online and to stay afloat during these trying times. 

This shift has also caused the internet and the use of it to grow tremendously and along with it, the need and demand for individuals with online knowledge and skills (Digital Marketing) has reached an all-time high. Despite the huge demand, the nation has still seen a lack of individuals with the appropriate knowledge and skills required to sustain the “Online Economy” and major businesses are always keeping an eye out for individuals with the sufficient skills to help them operate their businesses online using the internet. Some individuals, despite having the knowledge and skills, still lack the fundamental knowledge required to upskill themselves and exploit their talent in order to make a decent living.

Any individual with knowledge on the core fundamentals of digital marketing will understand the potentials of the online world and will be able to see the actual value of the knowledge and skill that they have and how they will be able to leverage these skills not only to generate revenue for an employer but also to generate revenue for themselves as entrepreneurs. This Certified Digital Marketing Programme will explore areas in digital marketing using an in-depth approach in order for participants to understand the core areas that need focus in order for them to exploit the skills and knowledge not only to boost their personal income but to boost the economy of the country as well.

Programme Objectives

This program provides an analytical framework mainly on Online Marketing & Online Sales in order to harness the potentials of the Internet to generate Leads and convert them into paying customers for any industries. You will explore the complex in-depth areas of Digital Marketing Including:

  • What the internet is and why most of it is free
  • What is digital marketing and how it beats traditional marketing
  • How to leverage consumer psychology to make them want your product 
  • What keywords are and how to maximize them
  • SEO & SEM
  • Types of digital marketing and how to leverage them
  • Online sales funnels & Customer journeys online
  • Profiling your own brand and the right customers
  • The right way to run facebook & instagram ads

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