Supervisory Development Program

It is commonly known that supervisors do not receive enough training to prepare them for taking on their supervisory roles successfully. Front-line supervisors are often promoted from the line because they are high achievers and show leadership qualities, but at the same time, many new supervisors have mixed emotions about advancing from an individual-contributor position to taking on the responsibilities of a leader. Without the proper skills and interpersonal tools, many feel overwhelmed—which can lead to lost productivity, reduced team morale, and even a return to a non-supervisory role.

Programme Objectives

Our Effective Supervisor program is designed to help current supervisors become more-effective leaders and recently promoted employees transition into their new supervisory role with greater success. The learning experiences teach and train participants on the essential, but powerful, strategies all supervisors must know in order to understand and connect with the workforce and to drive results. Participants leave the learning experience feeling prepared to meet and exceed their performance expectations, as well as confident and excited about being a supervisor.

The Effective Supervisor program is packed with fundamental ideas, tips, and applications for creating a positive work environment and building front-line supervisors that contribute to the organization’s bottom line.

This program will enhance the skills of supervisors in managing their work and at the same time supervise the staff. It will provide them with many new tools and techniques to add to their current ‘tool kit’. Their quality supervision skills will determine their subordinates' productivity and performance. 

Would you like your supervisor to more effectively: 

  • Manage their supervisory role 
  • Manage all the relationships they have with many different people at different levels both inside and outside the organisation 
  • Cope with the daily stress of varied work, demanding bosses and conflicting priorities from different people

Learning Outcome

At the end of the programme, the participants will:

  • Understand and support the goals and objectives of their department  and the organisation
  • Discover proven methods for handling many priorities at once 
  • Enhance their value by anticipating their bosses and subordinates needs
  • Develop communication styles that will help the participants influence their manager and others
  • Gain trust and the responsibility to make decisions 
  • Act with confidence, influence and authority when representing their unit in various situations
  • Learn how to be an active listener and build productive relationships

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