Who We Are

Engage, Enhance, Empower

3E Training & Education is committed in providing the best-customised learning solutions for our clients.

With 45 years of combined training experience, we continually strive to deliver exceptional programs that Engages, Enhances and Empowers each individual to achieve excellent results.

We have a significant number of consultants, located nationally and Internationally where we aim to bring new and innovative training that assist individuals, teams and organisations to strive for and achieve success.

Business Score Card

  • Organisational diagnosis 
  • Growth + Productivity Analysis 
  • People + Performance Analysis

Strategic Planning

  • Identification of our client's opportunity and strength in the industry 
  • Design thinking + Strategic planning 
  • Customising business model

Start Business Operations

  • Entrepreneurial readiness + competencies assessment 
  • Recruitment 
  • HR + Performance Management System 
  • Corporate branding 
  • Sales + Marketing setup 
  • Company Secretary, Legal, Admin Finance / Accounting Setup

Profit + Operation Improvement

  • KPI's setting & monitoring
  • Marketing + Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Business Operation Aid Efficiency Support
  • HR Management & Payroll Support
  • Soft skill + motivational training

The Right People in the Right Roles with the Right Managers to Drive Employee Engagement

Engaged Employees Drive Customer Engagement

Engaged Customers Drive Sustainable Growth

Why Us

  • Wide range of contacts & available target market – of both the able (individuals and organisations) & the needy, sponsors, investors, other NGOs

  • Strong core values, vision, mission and targets – with an exemplary track record over the last 30 years in Corporate Training and Human Capital Development

  • Social work (Toastmasters, Church 4 ministries, outreach work, NAWEM, UNHCR Refugee Entrepreneurship Empowerment)

  • Fleur de Vie (FDV) customer care, massage therapy, and wellness talks

  • Very low start up cost and initial investment – enables faster ROI

  • Low working capital required

  • Readily available premise and infrastructure

  • Opportunity for grants

  • Strong supplier chain

Career with Us?


Reaching Us

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