Vinod V @ Vyce

Certified Professional Digital Marketeer with more than 11 years of extensive knowledge and experience in industries such as customer service, event management, advertising, marketing, sales, communication as well as publishing & digital marketing consultations. Certified Entrepreneur who is also certified in disciplines such as Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) and Lean Six Sigma. Started his career as a customer service representative for Air Asia X and worked his way up to a Senior Associate in an International Company handling major responsibilities for Advertising, Marketing & Promotions in the organization’s Event Management division. In 2014 he ventured into the field of publication as the Marketing Manager for the Automotive Magazine Asian Auto, handling the biggest advertisers for the magazine as well as making sure that the magazine was good enough to hold a sizable market share of readers. He then moved into a Media Agency handling major advertisers in the country for multiple mediums of advertising and after that moved into digital marketing. 

Since 2017, he has been conducting trainings for Unemployed Housewives and Retrenched workers as a freelance trainer in the GIFT Program (Generating Income From Talent) under the Catholic Business Fraternity and has conducted digital marketing trainings for the MED Program (Micro Entrepreneurship Development) under PERKESO and other bodies as a freelance trainer.  He has since then expanded by opening his own digital marketing agency while sharing his knowledge through coaching and was officially certified as a digital marketing professional by DMC Training in 2019. This was coupled with social media marketing techniques as well as the fundamental skills while instilling knowledge on the “HOW TO’s” and educating them on best practices. As a subject matter expert in Online Conversion Branding along with his experience in various fields, he also possesses expertise in NLP and public relations which gives him the ability and insight to empower individuals with zero knowledge in digital marketing for them to start generating income from the internet by providing them with the fundamental knowledge needed. 

Soo Hoo Yoon Hunn

As the Founding President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Trainers & Coaches (MAPTaC), Soo Hoo has been a trainer since 2007 in the area of Sales, Entrepreneurship and Mindset Breakthrough.

Soo Hoo began young with a high-flying career in banking sales, servicing high net worth individuals at an international bank and during his time there, he was mentored by some of his clients. From the shared experiences and mentoring he learnt, he launched his own consulting business.

To date, he has trained regionally to participants from over 35 countries including MNCs, GLCs, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and startups.

Alexander Soh

“Finding your NICHE...and go all out”

Alex has been involved in a church and Non-Governmental Organisations for more than 25 years with vast experiences in terms of leadership, administration, planning and self development. Presently, being a trained & certified EQ Practitioner & being involved with developing and training leaders, he is keen to see changes in superiors and also subordinates and to see advances happening in each and every individual and also in the companies using Emotional Intelligence. Actively involving Virtual Team Building and facilitates building a strong team in any organisation without being present physically. Being a Life Coach, he is able to see a great transformation of a person.

Alex’s academic background was developed from Bible College of Malaysia with Bachelor of Ministry as well as Asia Pacific Theological Seminary with Master of Ministry. He possesses a “Train the Trainer” Certification as well as being a certified EQ Practitioner and “Virtual Team Building” Facilitator. He is also a trained Life Coach.

Sudesh Sundar

Sudesh Sundar, is based between India and the United Kingdom and heads the Indian operations and the development centre in Bangalore. He has worked in large public sector projects in the UK and has experience in managing remote IT teams. His interests are in eLearning and have conceptualized and developed BumiLMS, our Learning Management System powered by Bumitech Research PLT

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