Secretarial Development Program

To create awareness on the importance of the participants’ roles as management partners and to be able to prepare them – in terms of attitude building and skill enhancement - for a higher level of responsibilities and job functions. Also, to share with the participants the meaning of achieving a balanced and a Better Quality of Life.

Learning Outcome

The Secretary In Management Today
Objective: Participants will be given an appreciation of management problems and team up for long mutual gain.

What it takes to be a professional secretary?
Objective: Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to establish a professional image, to build trust and rapport with colleagues and clients from all walks of life.

Vital Secrets of Success
Objective: To challenge the secretaries’ belief systems, stimulate their initiative and creativity and motivate them to success.

Effective Time Management
Objective: To pass on knowledge on the importance of Time Management and how it plays a role in our life

Approaches to a Good Working Relationship With Your Boss
Objective: To build and boost the confidence of a secretary and provide them with a direction towards working with their boss and not just for them.

Minimising Time Wasters
Objective: Assist participants to value their time more, recognize what they are spending it on at present and consider ways to eliminate and minimise the time wasters they are faced with.

Enhancing your office organisation and records management
Objective: To implement an effective records management and new office organisation techniques to obtain a productive working environment

The importance of having a Right Mental Attitude
Objective: To make participants realise the need to have a right mental attitude in order to stay motivated and be more productive

Developing Dynamic Interpersonal Skills
Objective: To establish credibility as a management partner and master the art of representing your manager effectively

Goal setting: Personal and Organizational
Objective: To make participants realise the importance of having goals in life

Enhancing Productivity: Approach For A Team Of Two
Objective: How to team up with your manager to become more effective by working smarter and get more done in less time

Managing Change For Better Results
Objective: Learn how to survive, deal with resistance, encourage adaptation, increase involvement and create a climate for productivity and growth

How to Acquire a Better Quality of Life
Objective: To make the participants realise that at the end of the day, being happy is the key

Getting cooperation: Teambuilding that works
Objective: Participants will learn the characteristics of a “team” and what they need to do to enhance teamwork in the organisation

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