Reenosha Krishnasamy

I have been carrying on with this life in hopes of trying to make sense of it all. Music, art, literature and Film Photography. In these things is where I have learnt to find some sort of solace and my wish is to be able to share this love of mine with people through this field and platform of communication that I have been very happy to be a part of. This birth cycle has given me a lot more than I have stopped to be thankful for and I think with these 3 things, I have learned to freeze time.

To root myself into the moment and appreciate all the beauty that I have been blessed with. All the senses I have been given to be able to experience this ethereal everlasting beauty and translate it into art forms of many. 3E has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizon of people skills and conveying messages through copywriting. I am grateful and blessed to be working with such strong empowering women from all walks of life.


Brendan Michael

I'm Brendan Michael, currently studying in Sunway University as a first-year student in Bc(s) in Network and Security. I was offered an internship in 3E Training and Education to gain a side income and work experience. Just started recently and have already been given the opportunity to enhance my skills and learn new ones.

Julieta Hartmans

Julieta Hartmans is the CSR & NGO support, as well as the content master of 3E Training & Education since 2019. Fresh out of A-Levels, she decided to join 3E to enhance her skills and even broaden it to new fields.

3E has gifted her the opportunity to let her creativity shine through in her work as well as using what she sees from any training programs that 3E does in self-improvement and tries to implement it in her daily life.

Ritag Almabruk Ben Bashir

Ritag, who is a Libyan and comes from a family of 5, has been residing in Malaysia since 2013. She just completed her diploma in Business Administration at HELP College Kuala Lumpur. Through her hard-work, perseverance and creativity, she now holds the position of Digital Marketing Support Service at 3E Training & Education. Her job entails managing all of 3E's social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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